Sunday, February 13, 2011

Home Alone...

Just got back from Almaz Church 4 stops on the metro..We took a cab early this morning with a friend/translator Nadya..It was nice to see her again. This is the church our Pastor friend preaches at & what a great sermon today..I had a young man translate the whole service for me..It was very nice. It was great to fellowship and expose Marco to the gospel in his own language..It was the first thing on my list of things to do back in the USA, but he got the blessing of hearing it in his own language..I am sure it sounded strange to him coming from a religion who does not solely trust in Christ and live by faith and not by your works.

I will attempt to download & post a picture from a new camera I bought here yesterday...The rest of this day is for me to figure out how to download the Samsung driver I need to download my phone pictures..I have some beauties that I took & also Marco took at the Botanical Gardens here. Giant cactus plants I haven't see anywhere else like this..

I will also be just resting up today..Many muscles have been used lately that haven't been in a while..Walking walking is great..I am breathing in lots of fresh air into the lungs too! I can hear my Old Polish grandmother though ice in your drink and put your kerchief on...Most people here do not take ice in their drinks..even at I recall this from my grandmother that this is one of the reasons I cough...It may be true if you are not used to it..but not sure if that's the case for sure.I had one man trying to ask me if my doctor knows I drink Coca cola? I was buying it a store in Vorzel...and it came out of the not sure why, but I told him I never told my doctor..and he and the other lady looked at each other like I was drinking poison...Well I have heard from our old homeopathic doctor that it is very bad and so I exchanged the coke for a water...they seemed happy that I was prolonging my life...I figured they must know something I don't..

I am off to Vorzel by train tomorrow morning bright & early...I hope to meet the Malones again..Had a nice day with them yesterday and like spending time& talking with them. We have a lot in common with our large families.

I am also enjoying the alone time..I miss my husband & family back home very much and look forward to the day I book our flights home..but the trip is also a respite and I can regroup and go back with a fresh & appreciative outlook on my family..Marco is back at the orphanage for school..I will see him on my way back to Kiev everyday this week...Then the farewell party on Saturday and he will come with me for the duration of the trip.

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