Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun Filled Day Today!

Well I thought I would not be doing much turns out it was a great full day...My landlord came and showed me a fews things about the apartment and brought me a knife..I only had a butter knife...

After this I made my way up to the metro platform to meet Mary & Blake Malone...
We took the blue line and went to Dominoes Pizza where I was treated to lunch..yes Dominoes..Just like home! Well then we walked around looking for the street to St. Andrew's Church and the SDA so Blake could pick up some souvenirs...I think we missed it so we took that monorail thingy that goes almost straight up! And I survived..LOL Was pretty short and we were at the top close to where we needed to be..

I met up with the salesman from the booth of many bargains! Picture attached for those coming from this guy....Funny guy and speaks English...We tried on some Fox hats as you can see in the pictures also..Don't Mary & I look smashing?!

I bought my usual key chain and passed on the $100 hats...we proceeded to walk up the street and stopped at a few more places to check out their items and ended up in a quaint coffee shop for some cheese cake and tea...We really needed to warm up too...It got really cold when the sun went down...

We got a nice walk in today, like everyday...and we then went our separate ways until Saturday...we will head to the orphanage and see if the inspections are over...
Then we will stop off at Marco's orphanage and visit him...and head back to Kiev..

Enjoy the pictures from today...I am headed out now to dinner at Pastor Sasha's house and will blog some more later...


  1. Were the nesting tea dolls expensive? I want to get some as soveneirs for family back home, and I want some for the girls to have.

  2. Fabulous photos! So nice to not slide down the icy cobblestone hills! Praying for your process, God bless!

  3. Loved the pics!! Thanks for the fun day!