Monday, February 21, 2011

Official Gotcha Day!

Today was our official Gotcha Day! The pictures are in the wrong order..We ate at McDonalds to celebrate..this was Marco's choice. We brought candy , chocolates, cake, fruit and beverages for the farewell party but the kids were in school yet...So we left it for them to have afterwards...Marco was anxious to leave, so off we went to Kiev to pick up the country tax code which was ready already! So tomorrow we go to the passport office to have Marco's picture scanned and they will tell us when we can pick it up! We may be flying home Saturday if we can get it by Friday morning and then have our US Embassy appointment. The Doctor's clearance for Marco might also be done Firday...Will update on this tomorrow...Meantime I got him off the computer. and on the TV checking out sports & now snakes! I call him Computer Hog and he laughs! He looked up the translation and it is Computer Swine...Funny to him..


  1. How wonderful! Congratulations on your precious new son! May God continue to bless you.... Love, Paula (PS)...say Hi to Natasha and tell her we miss & love her!