Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Went for lunch in Kiev and flea market in Svet Ochin today..

We found this guy very interesting with his skin head hair mohawk and cork screw beard..and strange earring on the other side..not sure what he represents at his age...

This morning we went to apply for the passport & get Marco's photo done..So we are hoping for the passport by Thursday earlier enough to get a 3:00 appointment at the US Embassy...No longer can you have your appointment & get the visa in the same day. This we can then get Friday and take Marco to see the Doctor and be able to fly home Saturday 5:35 am~!! Here is also a picture of the metro.

Then we met with Mary & Blake for lunch and took the metro to Svet Ochin to hit the flea market..It was so so cold..we bought some scarves...We managed to have some laughs though despite the cold..Here is a picture of the people I drove crazy for the tights for my girls..They have very thick tights here like in Russia when we were there back in 2005. The man from Afghanistan translated for me a few times with the lady who had the tights..He is so nice & funny..He is here with his wife && son..He so much wants to go to America..I guess it's hard to get a visa to go...At least he is out of his own country...I am sure he is thankful. I find it amazing how people are the same all over the world..We also met a nice couple at Marco's orphanage adopting a little girl..Marco speaks Italian so they had a very good conversation & he tried to communicate with me & for me...this was funny..Then my translator came over & translated for Marco to me...a train of languages..They were so nice & very much like us...trying to get the info on this little girl and how her personality was..I love to meet people and talk to different people from all over the world..

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