Thursday, February 24, 2011

Saying Good-Bye...

Been busy over here, no time to blog yesterday...Had some visitors, The Burman' was nice to meet another American family adopting. They will have 5 special needs kids when they are finished. Their children are adorable. It was funny here while all of us including Marco were on electronic devices talking at the same time or making noise..All contacting family or playing computer games..

Yesterday while the Burman's rested in our apartment, Marco & I were out with Natasha taking care of passport stuff/ pictures needed to be enlarged so we made 2 trips to the US Embassy and then met with the Man who took care of Marco for 3 yrs while he was younger. What a sweet man. You could see he really loved Marco and it was a little emotional when we parted our separate ways. I am so glad we had the difficulty with the paper for the passport so we could meet this man..He gave us a foundation to work with and also provided some kind of roots fro Marco from his Homeland. His father is probably alive here some where and so if he ever asks we have his name and picture. We promised Aleksander that we would write to him and send pictures especially the ones above..He really responds well with men. He will have lots of time with his brother & Father once home..I think we will be putting in a basketball hoop and slab of black top! This is his favorite sport and Benjamin too...Also Dad is a good teacher because he grew up in Manhattan and one of the favorite game of the kids there too.I guess "football" is not on the top of his list anymore! Although he can run down the players name quickly.


  1. God Bless Aleksander!

    Safe Travels to you.



  2. This is such a sweet story, JoAnn! I am so glad that he will have a contact in his country. I hope that you land safely tomorrow! I am sure that you will be exhausted but SO happy to be home.

  3. your here style is so funny.
    I am LOL after see this.

    Romantic Dinner