Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Visit with Marco...

Visited with Marco yesterday...I was driven to the orphanage by our facilitator & this was a nice break from walking in the cold & busy train & bus...It is very cold here about 7-20 degrees, so waiting 30 minutes for the bus can hurt after a while! I am wearing cuddle duds and gortex boots and gloves & all that..but the thighs were starting to tingle after that amount of time waiting for the bus...I did miss the one also by not realizing there are some blue now that go where I am I watched it go and tried to motion to stop...but not happening LOL

So Marco is a typical 13 year old wanting either my cell phone from home..or the Ukrainian dinosaur phone that I am using while here..He likes the games on them and looked a little sad or bored I said what is it? Internet??? LOL He cheered right up!! He has had a dose of internet at my apartment so this cell phone game must have been boring! He will stay in the orphanage this weekend because he will come out Monday for good with me..So this is ok with me too...I want him to be excited and have something to look forward to...I can go visit him there. While he played the cell phone game I was taking pictures, silly pictures of us..once in a while he'd look up..

The picture of the woman is named Vera...She lives in the basment of the orphanage..She was an orphan at this same place and so they let her work there and live there as well..She is so sweet..She has some special needs and she loves the stuffed animals I brought her. I will give her some more of my things so no tot have to carry a lot home. Yesterday there was perfume sales lady there and she bought me some! It smells very nice too..So SO Sweet she is..When I get home I will continue to send her letter and things just for her..I would take her home with me too if I could I think she'd need a visa ..she could help me with the kids..She would be missed at the orphanage though because she is so kind to the kids. She helps them too besides cleaning. I will adopt her from a far and sponsor her on my own and send her things from America. She could be my Nanny !..I will check this out!! I just love her..

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