Sunday, February 6, 2011

Waiting for our translator..

We're back from breakfast/brunch and just waiting for our call from Natasha..I think she said she would come around 11, ,we were so tired so not positive.. It is very quiet in the city today and during the summer they close down the huge street here and sometimes have singers or violinists in the street. Some of the people are grown orphans and are trying to make a few dollars serenading you...

The weather is a little better today...dreary but warmer. Our apartment is located uphill but not far and I am already pooped. Our bodies are aching from sitting so long.
Plus mu asthma doesn't help matters..

We are not sure when we will take Marco from the orphanage..The director said it's ok to get him after court but our team feels maybe wait a couple of days so I can go to Vorzel and do hair and have to entertain him less...but I am looking forward to entertaining I think when Ruben goes home on Tuesday I may go and get him...I remember that very empty loney feeling when he left to go back to USA without me...sheesh....we have never been apart like that and it was hard. OK..natsah is here..Be back later to also fix my typos...

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