Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Had a Wonderful Full Day...

Started off in the orphanage waiting for Marco..but we were early...The social worker wants him to finish out his classes everyday...but he cannot even focus..He is ready to get out of there and I can't wait myself..It is a nice place, but he wants his new family. He is so excited asking questions about his brothers & sisters and dogs & cats...
He will be coming here for the weekend but must be back Sunday afternoon sometime. He will get to soak in the bath tub which he probably can't remember the last time he had that and he will get his haircut he has been holding out for Mama to do..

We will go to the grocery store for fruit & veggies & food. He is used to just bread & butter & tea for breakfast...I can top that!
We had lunch today at the Potato House in his town with Natasha. We walked there & back and it was a nice day...little cooler today though. Now we are having snow..I am glad Ruben left today when it was sunny & clear skies. He had a good flight to Germany...and he is now on the home stretch!

I came home from the orphanage by way of the metro and stopped to pick up another pair of shoes...My feet are too hot in my furry boots..I will need them this weekend though because the temps will drop below freezing.
Just had time to freshen up and was picked up to have dinner at Ivanna's parents home and see my "sister" Katya! So funny when I look at her pictures and see myself..
We laughed that we were separated at birth...It is nice to be in contact with them all year but to see them again in person is much better..We really have a good time and a lot of laughs. We did a little shopping near their house before dinner and we looked at more shoes..Instead I got a purse..I will be giving my present bag to Natasha because it is so I picked up another more casual one.

We ate a wonderful dinner and then skyped Darlena & Ivanna in Mississippi! That was great..Ivanna is doing so well and has many signs..I was very impressed! She is so happy in her new home..

we will begetting together again when Marco comes and go all around Kiev..
Saturday we will be going to a Water Museum here in Kiev..and Sunday Botanical Gardens to see the indoor plants, trees, and flowers. Then it's back to the orphanage where Marco will be sporting his new haircut!

I will be going to bed soon because I will be meeting the Malone Family at the Metro/Bus Stop to head to the orphanage of my 3 littles and doing hair until about 2 pm. Then I will go back to visit Marco a couple hours...

I will stroll through the metro flea market to see if I can find the cutest tights I saw back in November...They were chaneele like a fluffy sweater..They were so cute & looked warm..I did pick up a few pairs of other very thick tights that you can't get in America.
Well off to bed...I will be getting a 3:30 am text from Ruben when he lands in Newark NJ!! YAY! Home to the kids..I will rest better then..Good Night!


  1. I am so glad that you know your way around the city! I was so freaked out when I was alone there. I never asked, how did you find out about Marco? Is there a website with pictures of children at that orphanage?

  2. Let me know how your haircuts go, I am hoping you can share my photos and his nanny gets to see him.