Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Golden Goof! ......

Ok...so back to the airport...Our first mishap with them was the agent was sending my husband to a different airport where the car was not going to be parked! So I had him fix it...The second was when we got to the airport...and we had no tickets! I thought it was all confirmed with my credit card & exp.. which I emailed him and okayed the change to the right airport, to me this is a confirmation when I give out my credit card...he never booked the tickets! So we sat at the airport after all we had been through with Interpol thinking this just takes the cake! So the guy must have been in a frenzy while booking since we had no tickets....and charges an old friends credit card that traveled with us in 2009 that was in our file since then to boot! What the heck is going on..Most of us adopting use this same travel agent...so please check all your info when booking..this is 3 mistakes in one booking and we are not happy! He erroneously charged the wrong credit card.... NO ONE can authorize use of someone else's card! While he assures us all errors will be fixed and has now charged our correct credit card it is still aggravating.. Another day in the life of adoption...there is always something!

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