Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snowing in Ukraine...

The weather was colder today and we had snow showers almost all day...sometimes heavy and sometimes light..we went venturing out today anyway...We met Natasha and the Malones at the Metro station and then walked to the Water Museum...And what a walk...up hill and up many stairs...but it was worth it... the water museum was fun and Marco seemed to be their most interested spectator..

I have a picture of him standing in a giant bowl and a huge bubble was brought over and around him..I did it too...was really neat. Not able to down load pictures off of my phone...but I did get a digital I will post other pictures tomorrow night..I will post all the pictures I can't get at now once I get home..

Marco is adjusting well with me...I think he is already very comfortable. He is like a typical 13 year old and wants to be on my lap top or phone playing a game...He loves American Sun Flower seeds.. He is very helpful and looks to make sure I am ok..He eats almost anything and things I wouldn't expect but then again I am in his territory and what may be strange foods to me is not to him...I call it a mature diet or taste for food.

Tomorrow morning we will be picked up by our friends and spend the day with them and have lunch... Later in the day Marco will return back to the orphanage with the clothes he came in.. Those clothes will be left behind and I have a bag there already for his real gotcha day outfit and outerwear.

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  1. I am glad that things are going so well! He certainly does sound like an American teenager, I bet he is excited to get home! My thoughts and prayers have been with you while you have been so far from home. :)