Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Marco on Valentines Day....

I only was able to have a short visit on Valentines Day with Marco...Had a long day doing hair and left late...so by the time I left Marco's orphanage it was starting to get dark..So this was different for me traveling at night..having to find the bus stop to get off in the dark by yourself..But I did it..I even tried a new one for me being alone..which I did get off with my translator once.. It is the last stop on the metro, so I get into the city faster not having to take the bus longer and wait with it's stops..so It was a success thankfully because I was also trying to meet with friends in my neighborhood..I made it down the famous Kreshatik street to meet the other families at TGI Fridays and was 30 minutes late, but the one family came in after..They hit the traffic by car..so we all had a nice dinner and I posted the picture previously.. I wanted to bring something to Marco for Valentines Day and the Ladies at the orphanage had given me a huge box of chocolates...so I passed it on to him...They saved the day..They are so sweet feeding me & bring me tea all day...Ready to go back when the inspection is over there and finish the many ladies still waiting..

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