Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Break from Hair doos..

Right now in the orphanage there are inspections going on..so I will on hold until about Thursday or so...Gives me a break from walking and the cold..It was about 5 degrees earlier, and now just walking back from lunch was about 17.

As I stood waiting for my friends, In noticed all the beautiful coats. This must be the coat capitol of the world..All different colors and fabrics, textures and designs and patterns. Dyed real fur collars are just beautiful..Lots of fur coats and faux fur. I see why, it is very cold here...Most people walk everywhere too..So the animal fur is the warmest. The hats to match are exotic and everyone looks well dressed.

Years ago only black or grey coats were worn..now some of the coats were multi-colored like art with a teal fur collar to match..

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