Saturday, February 26, 2011

We're Finally Home!

Glad to be on the ground is more like it! What a landing...Very very windy yesterday in Newark...I am petrified to fly and even more so now...So will only travel on the ground..maybe ocean..but not in the area where I read about the pirates in USA today..they are out of control too like the wind..LOL

I am already up & showered in case Marco is on the Ukraine time schedule as well...but he slept on the plane some and was up playing games with Benjamin for a few more hours after I passed out. I need sleep to remain sweet..LOL So I am ready for him if he gets's 4:56 am.

When we arrived last night I think he had culture shock..I tried to keep it all calm... but that is kind of hard with 11 kids, and 5 dogs..they were all so happy to see us and it was something else!...I think he is a little unsure of everything.

..He is also not used to seeing kids with Down Syndrome..They were never in schools with him and were taken away after a few days old.. They are known as afflicted children in Eastern Europe as some of you already know, and have many labels that are negative. Some even believe they are cursed..So we will be undoing and detoxing his thinking from many false teachings around here. Once he sees the love the children give us he will get it.

He is young enough to melt right in with lots of love and patience which I will need prayer for, so all you prayer warriors out there get busy and thank you. Simple things like, don't forget to wash your hands after the bathroom, and use soap & shampoo when you shower.. I have heard these things from American mothers , so I think there's hope! LOL

I'll be back later..Going to start making food for everyone...because I know the bed is going to be appealing to me in the next few days for naps. The jet lag and time difference usually take a good week to get back to normal.


  1. Yea!! Glad you guys made it home okay...sorry to here about the crazy landing..though. We miss you! After seeing Ethan today we decided to go eat at TGI friday's. Not the same with out you!! Got the birhtcert. and tax id applied for yesterday and were told we could apply for passport Monday afternoon. So hopefully we will be home in a week!!! Get some rest!

  2. welcome back! so happy to hear you got him home!! my 8 year olds are very judgemental about people with differences. like a photo of a birthmark or downs syndrome or deformity they say that is not beautiful!! I have to keep saying yes it IS beautiful! everyone is unique! everyone is different! we dont all look alike! and wouldnt life be dull if we all were exactly the same?? she stopped saying it all the time but man its taking a long time to dislodge that attitude that different is bad!!! good luck! I know you will do great!

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  4. Welcome home (a little late), praying you have gotten some rest, enjoyed the dishwasher and dryer and constant hot running water in the shower!