Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hello from a cab this morning and went to Almaz can visit their one website in
It was nice to be amongst other believers and I enjoy their service very much..Today the other Pastor preached and I had a translator again but this time through a mic in my ear...State of the art! Afterwards I hung out for a while and met a few people who came over wanting to speak English and meet me. They had heard of me through pastor Sasha and because we adopted from Vorzel region three children with Down Syndrome..These people work during the summer with the mission teams translating and helping. They have an English group that meets every Saturday night, so they want me to join them and speak English and eat! So we may go to this...I will have Marco with me starting tomorrow for good! So he has called me from his cell phone I got him..and I can tell he is very excited..He is going over the schedule and the family members and pets in English..What ever we can't figure out in English..we try it in a little Russian or Italian..A dozen or so words from each language and you can put together a paragraph! So we have some laughs over these silly conversations we are having.

This Saturday Almaz Church is having another large I may be going if we are still here! There is a possibility we could travel home Saturday, but with the new twist on the passport issue I think it will be Tuesday March 1 st or 2 nd for sure..Looking forward to landing in America..We will bring Marco's sealed envelope from the US Embassy to Immigration and they will process him as a US citizen at that time...Once he hits US soil he is automatically a citizen..Soon after they process his papers..we will receive his certificate of citizenship in the mail with a letter from the president welcoming him to our Country. He will hold dual citizenship until he is 18 years of age and then can choose which one he wants. I have a feeling it will be America.

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