Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feeling human again!

We are feeling better this morning but still need some more rest. We will be moving to our next apartment shortly and thought I 'd better blog because there may be no internet until Monday. Tonight we will be meeting some other couples for dinner so we can blog at TGI Fridays with their free wifi if I remember the lap top.

I will be buying some Ukrainian IBuprofin today for my aches from sitting so long on the plane..
Speaking of planes....When we arrived at Newark airport..I presented our printed out flight schedule...well come to find out this was not our actual booking...We never confirmed it!! Never assume that after have this email & gave your credit card number that you have tickets! We had been working with Golden Rule travel agency and they are wonderful..but I guess I never completely confirmed the dates were good and so our guy never put it through! WOW...Tickets from the aiport would be about $3000...Thankfully it was all straightened out and we had an hour to spare...

We boarded a lovely new plane with a lower level...Never saw anything like this before..the bathrooms and some area for the stewards were down stairs..It was like a Cadillac taking off too.. We were very impressed since neither one of us are really fond of being in the air, especially in the winter. So we watched a movie which mind you was on the back of the seat in front of you and we had many choices...I watched tv shows. After dinner the staff gave out as many drinks as possible to the people..I understood why when I saw the one steward coming with a hanger and closing all the shades to put us all to bed..And by golly it worked..they had that whole plane sleepy teepy bye bye!
I can never sleep anywhere but in a bed...I may have dosed a couple of times..but I can never do it as much as I want to. So today I feel like I was hit by a truck.
Our apartment is cute that we are in right now...close to everything but we will be moving shortly to a great place for only $35 per night for the monthly rate since I may be here until February 28 th.
Our second plane into Kiev I have to say was not as nice..but more like a shuttle. The ride started out well but then the weather changed as we got nearer to Kiev. We experienced some turbulance and the landing was quite scary...we are happy to be here is all I will say after that landing. Happy also the temps were above freezing. I will never fly again in the winter..except to get home!
We have court tomorrow at we will be picked up by 9:30 am because we have to stop at the orphanage where Marco is and pick up the staff that attends court. We are very excited to see him and have him ours finally. It was an interesting delay and we laughed about it yesterday with our team and how it didn't make any sense..but that's adoption.
As I am typing the church bells are going off..what a beautiful sound..our window is open because the heat is working well. It is Sunday almost 10 am. A day of rest for us. I am looking forward to unpacking and bagging up all the goodies for the orphanages. I have some things for our friends Pastor Sasha & Olya and will see them this coming week when we go to Vorzel Orphanage to do hair for the ladies and maybe some children. I will go there for a few days because there are many ladies who work there and some volunteer. I will get some pictures for 2 mommies that will coming for their children soon...
We are headed out to breakfast/brunch and will be meeting Natasha to move our things and settle in to our new place and call our friends here in Ukraine to make some plans with them as well....more later

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