Monday, February 28, 2011

This is it!

So here we are! This is reality...So far not bad...He is adusting ok..we are getting caught up on our sleep..The language barrier is there but we can communicate for the most part..Haven't had to use google translate too much yet... He likes Ben's toys...They are also playing some computer games and TV games..Play station 2 etc...

He loves the dogs & trampoline is the favorite so far I think out of everything he's doing..He & Benjamin followed me up into the attic that was interesting to him..They found some Hess trucks and took them down...He still likes action figures so we have some of that...

Marco has a pretty good appetite and eats what we have here. So easy that way...I tried to explain we will do some school work today..learn English and do some math to start..I can show him geography type videos for now and we'll wait on history..Think we will start with Pennsylvania! That way we can visit some of the things he learns. Ruben is showing him multiplication cards and he knows them..just the English is hard, but he can write it too.

All is good and not many complaints...Still needs to put the toilet seat down. That's about it right now!! LOL

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