Thursday, February 10, 2011

Had a scare!

Someone tried opening my door about 45 minutes ago....I yelled HEY! and they stopped I went to the peep hole and they were closing the door across the hall very quietly...I called my translator & she called the landlord here to find out about this apartment across the hall...SHe then called the other land lord and they are not answering the phone over maybe they are drunk...hopefully..I was caught off guard and I am now I am ready for them! LOL I'd like to put the fridge in front of the door though..but it's a little heavy! Just hoping I will get some sleep..I'll make some kind of Booby trap! LOL


  1. That happened to me when I was alone too. It turned out to be nothing. I kind-of think that the apartments that we all stay in are known as the "American apartments" so they get some prowlers. I will be praying that everything is OK!

  2. well they went into the apartment across the I am waiting to see who it is and yell at them LOL I think thy were drunk maybe...I only saw the door closing..It was creepy..almost as if they were just checking to see if they could open it..there was no talking either like drunk people...Now I am ready..they caught me off guard...

  3. when we were there last summer it was HOT HOT HOT and we did not have air in our apartment. so we had just come back from being out in the heat and took off our clothes because it was too hot. fast forward to someone opening the door. with a key! OPENING! I flew to the door and from behind it pushed it back closed and squeaked something I dont even remember what. I was holding my shirt in front of me so as not to be seen. we pushed the door closed and I put on my clothes fast! it was some maintenance guys coming to put in air conditioner. gees a heads up might have been nice??? then later we came back and they were downstairs appearing to be preparing to leave. we walked in and there was stuff everywhere. their stuff. the bed is behind a wall from the door so we were laying there quietly reading(fully clothed! learned that lesson!) and they came back and walked right in and didnt see us. I said zdrastvootia and he bout had a heart attack and we all had a good laugh. hopefully you can remember this fondly some day.