Friday, February 11, 2011


Picked up Marco today from his orphanage..He is having a good time..skyping with the kids at home and playing with the cell phone...playing on the lap top..He took a nice hot bubble bath ..something he hasn't done in a few years. He is chewing up our American sunflower seeds like mad..He fits right in with the family..When we skyped the first time..Olivia was chewing and so was Marco when they looked at each and laughed..They each held up their bag from across the globe..Would make a great commercial for Davids sunflower seeds..The sunflower seeds that they eat here are black and no salt...they are ok..but nothing like ours..What a mess of seeds & shells we have over here..they are even in the lap top keys..LOL..I don't even think he took a breath between seeds..

Had a nice visit today with Olya...we caught up on the past few months and I got to see their beautiful new baby and had some laughs & brunch..I will see them on Sunday and Tuesday of next week..They are coming to United States and invited us to come see them and meet their other friends there who also have a few children with Downs... we hope to see them in Virginia mid-late March if possible...We are putting together a fund raiser and will add it to others who are doing the same to help with their new needs and ministry.

I really enjoyed having her here today all to was good fellowship and are looking forward to have them meet Marco and share the gospel with him..

Tomorrow we are headed to the museums and I think we 'll take a's going to be cold and some snow... Going to go to bed early because I didn't get much sleep last night due to drinking iced tea for dinner and the prowler from across the hall! He ended up being a "foreigner" like myself accidentally trying to open the wrong door and it was an ok is good and I plan on sleeping well...Marco is used to going to bed early anyway..
It feels very comfortable having him around and the kids are bonding via skype by sending each other little icons and eating cave cute. Every now and then one will grunt or smile and another will speak a word in their native tongue...
Marco had his first dinner at McDonalds...He ordered a Big Mac and fries and Fanta as they say here...I ordered him chicken nuggets to taste and here they also have fried cheese..yummy with cranberry sauce...I had the Ukrainian dark bread quarter pounder...That was great and I will have it again a few more times...The bread is heavy and dark almost the same color as the burger...Very good..I bet we'll not see that for a few years in the USA. They also have potato wedges..but I didn't try them yet...and I think crepes for breakfast..might want to go there early since we are meeting Natasha right by the metro there...
That's it for tonight...We will skype home one more time before bed...This is the best part so far..seeing the kids loving each other already from afar!

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